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About Tosheka

Who is Tosheka

Tosheka Textiles, LLC – USA/Kenya is a social enterprise, with extensive experience in commercial and community based textile production.Established by Kenyan textile designer and business woman Lucy Lau Bigham along with her business partner and husband Herman Bigham. The goal of Tosheka Textiles is to become a trend-setting leader in the ethical production of eco-friendly fashions for the global market.

What is Tosheka

Tosheka is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle!

At Tosheka Textiles we take green to the fashion extreme by specializing in the production of eco-friendly textiles for home, apparel and accessories.


Utilizing natural fibers, recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, our products are handcrafted using traditional weaving, knitting and fashioning techniques of local Kenyan artisans.

Inspired by the colors and textures of Kenya’s rich landscape and culture itself, our distinguished products are designed to deliver the ‘satisfaction’ our Swahili name Tosheka implies.

 Eco-friendly fashion has become one of the most prominent topics in the fashion and style arena stirring the interest of consumers and participation from global high-fashion brands to local designers. Tosheka is proud to play our part in this 'go green' movement through the ethical implementation of our patented Eri silk worm cultivation. This innovative project is designed to serve as a model not only for the eri silk but other agricultural products as well.

Our Collection

Our ‘Safi Tosheka’ is our gold standard leather goods line crafted by the hands of Mali artisans. Sculpted from Mali leather and embellished with mud cloth and other local fabrics, each bag has its own character and personality. The line includes briefcases, portfolios, messenger bags, banana bags, and classic satchels and totes.

Whether you need a bag for the beach, a briefcase for the office or a clutch for a girls night out, our ‘Woven Love’ collection features an array of up-cycled bags, cases and knitted designs inspired by the distinct Kamba weaving tradition using plarn and natural fibers to create new textile fabrications with a distinguished look and stylish edge.

‘Recycled Treasures’ consists of trend-relevant, handcrafted bags made by Kenyan artisans using clean recycled plastics transformed into unique handbags and accessories then trimmed and accented with other natural fibers. Featuring our signature ‘Soko’, ‘Kiondo’ and popular ‘Hobo’ bags, they are the fashion essential for consumers who want trendy and functional accessories to complete their stylish look.

Finally, with our ‘Heri Tosheka’ line, we turn fiber into fashion in a way that takes green to the fashion extreme. By offering a creative array of textiles, apparel and home goods made from both Eri silk and quality cotton fibers set with rich dyes in unique prints and designs, we keep you looking stylish both in and out of your home.


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