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Tosheka…A Kiswahili word that simply means ‘satisfaction’, runs deep with meaning and promise for this social entrepreneurial enterprise. It’s a guarantee of fulfilling their partners and customers needs through quality, value, delivery and customer service.


Started in 2011, Lucy Bigham, in partnership with her husband Herman Bigham, started a venture together based off a mutual desire to preserve the traditional skills and knowledge of ‘green’ textile production in Kenya by blending them with contemporary designs to produce products that are beneficial to the environment and the consumers.


...Through the use of ethical fair trade employment practices, Tosheka Designs empowers over 400 women in Kenya by providing them with sustainable incomes and the opportunity to work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.Their ultimate goal is to have a social impact and provide long-term economic sustainability for hundreds more in low-income rural and urban communities and become a leader in the production of eco-friendly fashions for the global market

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Herman and Lucy Bigham

We wanted to make eco-friendly products and provide women in developing countries with the opportunity to earn an income and take care of their families.


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