Our Story

Growing up in humble neighborhoods’ in Nairobi, Lucy Lau Bigham the founding Director of Tosheka developed an early liking for design, by the time she went through school and had decided to study design at the University of Nairobi’s Institute of Architecture, Design and

After College Lucy started working with Tototo Home Industries, where she got the opportunity to get involved with the community. However, her entrepreneurial spirit had her pursue further business education in the United Kingdom (Masters in International Business Analysis) and the United States (Professional Leadership Course in Printing).

Subsequently, she started a job creation center to empower underprivileged youth to make commercially viable textile and craft products. Later together with United States-based partners Christina Roberts and Cynthia Porter they set up Marafiki Arts and pursued an exchange program for capacity building.


In 2011, Lucy Bigham, in partnership with her husband Herman Bigham, started a venture together, based off a mutual desire to preserve the traditional skills and knowledge of ‘green’ textile production in Kenya by blending them with contemporary designs to produce products that are beneficial to the environment and the consumers.

Our Associate and business partner Ms Nyokabi Achola was instrumental in importing Eri Silk to Kenya - Tosheka’s redefining innovation - Tosheka is proud of its pioneer farmers now making quality silk fiber. 

Herman Bigham,

Tosheka Products

Inspired by the proliferation of plastic paper bags, we started a small business with anything but a small agenda. We turned plastic shopping bags into a valuable commodity and elevated the fortunes of impoverished women.

Elizabeth Killough, Untours Foundation

Tosheka is the full-meal deal to our foundation by providing green jobs - with training - to very low-income women while offering a skill that these women can take beyond Tosheka

Professor Bitange Ndemo, Former PS ICT, Columnist.

It is perhaps the easiest farming that I have ever seen, with great returns and insatiable demand